Sunday, October 31, 2010


So yeah I want to moan and bitch.

So after my ex left my best friend got back. I was in love with him for like a few years. He luckily went away for 2 years. So I kinda got over him really well. Like I had thought I had moved on. I think in the event of my ex having to leave I kinda rebounded cause "it's all coming back to me now" on the best friend. This is so depressing...

I tried so hard to get a boy to like just hang out with and be fun with cause I didn't want something too heavy soon. But now that ain't happening and I'm constantly stuck with him in conversation. And it is driving me crazy.

Queer club fail. Although I LOVE going to them I mostly feel like a fail when I get home. Older guys. No wait - OLD guys always come up to me. No young guys. I don't get it. Meh

Nway gawd...meh

Nway, the boy i wanted to add of FB. I didn't. But it is making progress IRL. I'm working on it and I think maybe something will happen. And then I have another option in the pipeline. So yeah seems I am like a slut. I'm really not.

I'm just kinda emotionally confused.

Luckily my holiday start in two weeks so I can post a shit load again and try and figure things out for myself. Hopefully u guys can give a helping hand - kekeke!

So glad the year is almost done. I need chill time. Fuck. What a year. If I look back it seems impossible to have done so much. Kinda proud. This was a good year. I am growing a lot.

Peace and love,

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Okay, thanx for taking the time to read this!

There is a very cute first year boy at my university that I like. We have only spoken once thanx to the fucked up printers always breaking on our campus. DUO RAGE!

Nway, after my ex I kinda lost it a bit. I'm very lonely. And I just want to like test the waters again. Nothin serious. I can't do it again so quick. But I am kinda loosing out on fun times with cute boys.

So thing is it is really difficult to get to him. Cause eh is always with a group of friends. I know for a fact he is gay, cause I overheard him say once "my ex boyfriend". So thats settled.

Now we DO check each other out on campus, but I mean it would be to random for us to just walk up to one another and start speaking. Also i can't attend a party i think he will be at cause I have to much work. o now I wanna know:

Should I invite him on Facebook? It is almost holidays and then I'll only see him again next year Feb. Or is it too random or stalkersish? We do have like 6 friends in common.

He really seems nice.

Oh, wait just one last thing. Me and one of his kinda friends have kissed oncw ehn we were both very drunk at a party - they guy threw himself at me. So maybe it is weird. I dunno. Meh. Boyz make me stupid.


Love and peace