Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dinner and urm a show!!!1

What a interesting day it was.

So I went to this Jamaican restaurant tonight to celebrate my cousin's finance's birthday. It was such a nice place. I really did enjoy it very much.

I had three very interesting cocktails throughout the dinner. Very yummy!!!
Then for starters I had chili mussels. It was so divine!!!! Then for mains I had this gourmet style burger. It was chili chicken with Camembert cheese and cranberry sauce.. OMG!!! What a combo!!! I was curling my toes. I was so stuffed I didn't have room for dessert, but I ordered a Jamaican style coffee which was delicious! I will be going back to this place soon in the future!

And in other news.

One of my best gf is acting so weird. I don't get it. We were super close this past month but the past week she has been ignoring me and when I saw her tonight she had this weird attitude. It sux. I hope it blows over quickly.

Something really weird happened tonight. Super weird. I was blushing half of the evening. After the dinner I wanted to go dancing. So I called up two gf's and went (one of them was the previously mentioned one). So we went to this regular spot we go to every so often. And for the first time there were gay guys. Cute gay guys at that. I was like so urm proud in a way. Felt strong in numbers. Representing and all. But then...

They started to hit on me. This was so peculiar to me. Two guys started dancing with me on the dance floor. I was so shocked and shy. So I just kinda left after a minute. I didn't know what to do. I'm only out to a dozen or so people. And then I went to the bar to order a beer. Whilst standing there two guys came over and stood next to me - one on each side and was kinda was checking me out. So I ordered my beer and left. This is when one grabbed my ass.

I was so horrified. I have never been in such a situation.
I am kinda happy and sad and confused all at once.
I don't know what to think.

Why did I react in this way. Was I ashamed of myself. Ashamed of the guys?
Overwhelmed or embarrassed?

Mmm this will be on my mind for a day or two...

What do u guys think. Was I begin a douche?

P.S Thanx to the two new followers!!!!

Love and peace,


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

One ring to rule them all

Another day gone.

Was quite a lazy day. Slept very very late and then got up, ate salad and was spending some time with mom in my parents' room (oh, that does not sound good lol).

I also decided that I'll be hosting a new year's eve pardy at my house so that will be rad. I CANNOT WAIT!!!! Invited over bout 20 people, but obviously more will pitch. I'm planning on making a lethal punch. So if any of u have a great recipe please tell me bout it!!!

So tonight I went to dinner with one of my friends of 11 years, her boyfriend (who I just adore) and her cousin. I heard that the cousin will be here for new years, so I invited her along - seeing as my other friend will be there and also the fact that her home town is the place were my amazing mom was born. So she has to be kewl right?


She is a very unpleasant person. She kept telling me and the other two that we should not drink and smoke. FFS! She was drinking cocktails herself. And I don't smoke. The only time I do, however is like once every two months if I am at a pardy and there is a hubbly-bubbly (hookah). I think I like smoking it, because it keeps the crowd together and that is good, otherwise everyone goes of and does their own thing.

Nway, what really bothered me was the fact that when the dude and myself were sitting next to each other she said to us u guys are sitting all closer to each other. And we were like wtf?! We didn't even notice. And then we were like fuck it so he put his head on my shoulder and I played with his hair - just to piss her off. See, he and his girlfriend (my good friend) both know about me and is totally down with it.

So that was settled. I thought. But then when I was joking around with my friend she said I look "really gay" doing it. I was making spirit fingers. (I was reanimating something out of a movie.) So when she said it I was like "okay whatever works for you". At this point I was starting to get pissed off.

She took it even further commenting on my ring which I sometimes, for no apparent reason, wear on my ring finger. she said "so when did he give it to u". Now this ring is just worn as an accessory. I got it for my birthday a year back from my cousin. So I said he gave it to me bout a year ago. (Gay marriage is legal in SA, but that's another post). So she was shocked. She asked me who. And I replied "the priest, it is a purity ring".


She was like so taken aback and my other two buddies were laughing, cause they knew the truth. Priceless.

P.S No offence meant to anyone who wears purity rings. I think it is quite honorable and admirable. Keep it up.

Peace and love,


Sunday, December 27, 2009

My heritage: Part two

Hey people!

So I've decided to do another post on my culture. My online friends seem to find it quite interesting. Me, not so much so I'm not putting too much energy into this one!

As u may have noticed I am not such a great fan of my culture. Which is quite sad I admit. I mean there are the qualities that i revere, but mostly I just do my own thing. Too much pompous bullshit and what I call "procedures".

Well my gran always said the beginning is the best place to start. No I'm lying she never said that. But if she had it would of been a nice touch me thinx heheh...nway.

The Boers.

So this is the part were I ramble on about them if i really cared.
But being a teenager I'm just gonna paste a link to wiki.

The reason I am not the greatest fan of the boers are because of the whole Apartheid thing. It just gets to me. I mean I think maybe some Germans could identify with me. I know I wasn't part of it, but meh. I come from a line of terrible people.

But ye oke. I don't believe anyone is pure good or evil.
So read the wiki article if u would like to. It is actually quite interesting.

Peace and love,


My heritage: An introduction to kissing

As I said I'm gonna do a few posts on my culture/heritage.

As a white Afrikaans speaking male from SA I am considered a Afrikaner. Or colloquially known as a Boer. For those of u that is not familiar with this subject (most of u lol) I will go into detail about this in a next post.

However I would like to explain something to u that sheds light not only on me, but also my culture. They kiss. They hug. When we say hello: they kiss and hug. When we say goodbye: they kiss and hug. Luckily for me being male and all I get to only shake the hands of the men.

This is not working for me. At all. I use to go along with it. But no more. I have a complete balance between extroversion and introversion. Most people that know me would kill themselves laughing if they read this. I come accross as an uber-extravert. In fact I often, to my own disbelive, discover that I am shy. Weird. I can stand on stage and perfrom in front of a crowd of 1000's. But don't introduce me to a group of distant relatives. It freaks me out.

And then the kissing. Bleh! I can't do it. It is gross. And I always feel the need to wash my hands after shaking hands with all the men. I'm not a germaphobe. but eeuq I dont know where the fuck those hands were.

Now this is were "the problem" gets more intricate. They (the kissers, the hugger, the boers) do not get this. Thus, I shy away from greeting. I come in after everyone has settled in and just announce myself briefly to the room and before engaging in conversation. Also when i sense that people are getting ready to leave I disapear. Hahah I'm such a bad boi!!!

But they notice it. They sense it. The awkwardness of me taking an old ladies hand and shaking it is so out of the normal "prosedure". That look they would get that they try to conceal. Is it shock? Or disbelieve? Confusion? They kinda get mmmm offended is the wrong word. It's like they sniff that I'm not from of breed. Lol!!!!

Maybe I am putting to much thought into this. But geez I don't wanna kiss an old distant senile relative that can't even pronounce my name and forgot to put in her dentures.

Anyway, I don't wanna put them down. The Boers are an amzingly kewl bunch of naively great down-to-earth hardworking people (who just happens to be blinded by their ways). All in all they are good people. They stive to be. (Lol even though their track record is seriously stained, eh?)

I just wish they could see the error of their ways.
AND more importantly stop fucking kissing me!!!!!

Haha, peace and love!


Friday, December 25, 2009

My reflection


I was thinking bout Xmas. I had a great time. I had great food and wine and got nice presents and all.

I live in Africa. But I am so fortunate. I come from a upper middle class family.
We have a good life. But this got me thinking. While I was giving out the gifts at 12 I fell silent for a few seconds and though: geez...all this is too much.

There are people dying of hunger...small children. And I am wasting money on stupid gifts. This is terrible...

Why do I always seem to care bout the less fortunate, but don't ever really do anything? Don't get me wrong I always give money and the time of day to those in need. But not nearly enough. This I shall have to work on. It just feels to be the right thing to do.

Nway, I don't want to rant. But if u wish give some thought to this.

And in other news. I am planning to do a post on my country and on my heritage. If this interests you, be assured I will make this a fun post!

I had myself a merry little Xmas!!!!


What an awesome Xmas dinner I had!!! I'm so happy! Had the nicest foodies! And the music and company was so amazing. Seeing forward to the pardy tomorrow as well!

I want to thank my four followers. Thank you all so much it means a helluva lot!!!
Also thanx to Tim from Italy who comments!!! U guys are rad!!!

I got kewl gifts all in all! Two shirts. One pink. One purple. Mmmm, me thinx the family is expecting something...muhahah. Other then that I got some nice chocolates, new pc speakers, a new webcam and a great book!

I am sOOOOooooOOOOoooOOO blessed and I am truely grateful. It is wonderful. ;-)

I hope that you all have the most AMAZING day. I shall post again later in the day. Or at least it is the plan.

Till then!


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Somer Kersfees!


OMW I'm so exited - three comments! Thanx guys this really is one of the kewlest gifts i will be receiving this year!!!

Again Joey, thanx for the link up!!!

So it is the 24th December and we will be having a nice intimate family dinner. Bout 6 people. I think it is so sweet. And on Xmas day we will be 22 people. Gonna be hectic fun!

Brings me to my point: Do u guys also still experience the magic of Xmas? Or have u fallen prey to the media and jingle bells?

Although I do despise what Xmas has become I do not think that one should write it off in entirty. It brings people together. This is wonderful.

Nway Merry Xmas/Happy Holidays to the Americans lol!

I have a few kewl post lined up so be sure to check it out!


P.S. I'm still figuring out how this works to paste vidz/pics/links so in time my blog will become more interactive.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Misty Blue Ghost


So, I am making a second post. I don't know why I am so hesitant to blogging. I want to. But I never seem to have the nerve.

So Avatar was sold out. I ended up watching Invictus. As with all Eastwood flicks it was technically flawed. The slow mo' was overkill. Bleh. BUT, and this is a majour but, he has the uncanny ability to draw emotion. He is therfore in my eyes a master of the craft. Good old pure simple storytelling. That for me guys is the essence of film.

I discovered an amazing boy last night while blog surfing.
The blog is amazingly kewl due to the fact that Joey seems to be amazing.

He made this most about his friend with whom he shares a special bond. He also posted a video link to this song Misty Blue.

This is the most amazing post ever known to man:

Thank you Joey.

As if that wasn't enough I rewatched Ghost just now. What a amazing flick.

I'm a bundle of raw emotion. Jai, at least its Xmas and I can use this as an excuse to be all emotional Hahah! Thanx Santa!



Monday, December 21, 2009

Blog virgin no more


So I've been putting of staring my blog for toooOOOooo long now.
I'm such a perfectionist and I wanted the perfect start. But, bleh!

So this is it. I'm 19, bi, male and living my life. I'm semi-out. So that's good enough.

For now...

Nways, I'm so exited cause im gonna watch Avatar 3D tomorow!
Will let u know how it is!