Monday, March 29, 2010


Yay! They liked it very much! Yay team! Yay me!

Bleh! I went to bed at half past six cause I was so tired just wanted to sleep for an hour or so and my alarm never went off so I woke at 11ish. So now I am like not tired at all lolz. So the cycle continues.

And ffs I kinda need energy for tomorrow!!!

I watched the film Nine today. Geez the acting, cine, production design, costumes, sound design and art direction was spectacular! It must have taken an immense effort to pull off such a huge production with such flair! Respect. The film as a whole is entertaining and good. Not great.

Is it just my msn tripping out? Can't even log on for the past three days....ffs stupid pc. So glad I don't really have to work on it any longer!

Well maybe I should prolly go cause I have another presentation for the other project I did tomorrowz so yeah better look fresh and sexy!

See ya later biatches!!!

Love and peace,



I am such a nerd sometimes!

So today one of my gf's came over to like do some work on my Mac, cause I have the software we use at uni. She spent like half the day in my room, but I didn't mind cause I was watching American Idol. BTW OMG Aaron Kelly is the cutest little thing I have seen in a while!!!

Nway, so she left at like 10ish. Then she was saying that no one in her group did a poster or DVD cover. So I was liek fuck it I'll do it. I mean ffs there are ten people in her group. They are so lazy. So I did it. I learned so much. I kinda tought myself photoshop tonight and I am quite proud. The poster looks really good even by my standards. Not very happy with dvd cover, but meh it is not that shit either.

So we are having final screening tomorrow. Hope people like my project! Only time will tell.
Wish me luck biatches!!!

Mmm what a wonderful week ahead!

P.S. Welcome to ANDY and AHGB

Peace and love,


Friday, March 26, 2010


Well okay not entirely, but close enough.

All my projects and classes are done so now it is just end of term shit that needs to come and go and then I am free for a month!!!!!!!

I am so looking forward to this holiday!!! A lot of fun things will be happening.

I am also thinking of going camping. I love nature and I need to get centred after a crazy term. I know that I have not been posting very often this month. I am getting the feeling I will be binge posting for the rest of this blog's existence.

It is just the way my life works at the moment. I am crazy busy for like two months and then it stops dead for the next one. This cycle kinda continues. So yeah there you have it.

I am SOOOOO happy with my project. So that is all fine and dandy.
Now I just hope I can follow it up.

Sad to read that Wolfy is kinda not gonna blog anymore. Also, I am kinda missing some of the peeps on my blog roll. PLEASE COME BACK!!!

Anywayz, I have this end of term party tomorowz! It is gonna be EPIC!!!! Will post about it when I have the chance.

Hope everyone is doing good.

P.S. Welcome to Phunk Factor

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Geez Imma bad boy

Hey guys

I am so sorry for posting so infrequently these days. I am experiencing a heavy work load and such. I will be on holiday for a month soon (starting in two weeks). So then I will be able to keep u updated more often!

So everything is coming together for my project. Tomorrow I am having a meeting with a crew member to finialize all the small details and then on Tuesday it is the big event. Im a bit bummed cause the project will not be able to match my vision because of budget constraints.

In other news. One of my best bloggin budz is a bit sick. His name is Charlie! He is actually a unicorn u know?!
So if u ain't planning on making him some chicken soup at least tell him to get better or sumthing. Geez, it is not like u have something better to do with ur life...hehe

Nearly failed one of my practical exams. I got 52%! FML! This is the lowest mar I have ever received in my life BY FAR! I am not feeling to bad since more then half of the class actually failed. Pass rate is 50%! Guess who has karma on his side... Anyway I still wanna redo the exam, cause this is just embarrassing to the max.

My hormones are really wacked the past two months. I am like really urm like frustrated most of the time. I dunno why this is happening. Isn't this suppose to go away when u are so fucking old like me. Geez I am nearly half dead. Bleh!

Where did all the days go to....

Love, peace and wrinkles,


Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Ey biatches!

I saw Alice In Wonderland today - 3D. Was shit in terms of the narrative. It is a visual feast though. Bet it will garner 4 Oscar nods: Costume, Make-up, Visual effects and Art direction. Bleh, although I am a Tim Burton fan of sorts I really don't get some of the quirks in his films. My fav Tim Burton film is Sweeney Todd: The demon barber of Fleet Street.

I have a presentation due for Thursday and Friday and Next Tuesday will be the biggest day of the terms since I am shooting my project YAY! Just hopes it works out. The producer started to fuck up a bit in the end and now I have to step in and try to salvage what I can. FFS!!!!

I am currently not using Twitter anymore. I tried, just isn't working out for me. It is tooooOOOO lame really hehe. Won't be deleting the account - maybe I'll check in from time to time. This is also true a bit for MSN. Sorry bout this. From I got my Mac I don't use my pc that often anymore.

OMG! Have been spotting the most amazing hotties on earth the past few days. So tempting me. I am going mad mad MAD!!!!

Recently discovered the dude in the pic (Tyler Bachtel). OMG he is one of the hottest people I have ever seen. He is sooo damn fit. Yummy!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

U are my bitch!


I am back, bitches!!!!

So geez long time no chat. I have never been this busy in my entire like sexy existence!

I haven't slept for more than 4 hours for over 8 or nine days (who is keeping count, eh?!)

Yet, it was good hard honest work. And I was interested in it so it wasn't a schlep to do. Just wish they gave us more time to pace ourselves.

I didn't go to class on Friday, When i woke I had severe cramps. Stupid spastic colon. Happens if u stress and don't eat right. Someone wanna come Dr me to health?

So anyway couldn't go out tonight as planned cause I had to catch up the work that I missed when laying in bed like a pissy with pain. But now I am done. I have loads left, but nothing as majour.

So my trip to the festival is still on and I am planning to make it a great day! I am gonna catch up with a few friends and I'm really looking forward to that.

AHHH a first for Joshy: Today I spoke over the phone with a fellow was nice...'-)

I am listening to a song from a French album of Celine Dion. The song playing right now is the translation of "If that's what it takes". Gawhsss it is an amazing melody.

Makes me feel alive.

Peace and love,


Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Wow what an incredibel feeling to experience!

Working so hard on something u love so much is so rewarding. Yeah it is tiring true, but it gives one a sence of validation. It is great finding a passion and getting the oppertunity to nurture it as a career.

Yet again this post will not take up too much space cause at the moment I am still busy with work. I just decided to take a quick break and make a post since it is already a new month GEEZ!!!!!

Looking forward to Friday night and Saturday since I have decided to take a deserved break and will go to a mini drama festival and check some thatre shows. Yes ofcourse afterwards I will go pardy - DUH?! It is me we are talking about here!!!! ;-)

In other news I have two new German buddies arriving tomorow. I will not be able to see them that much during their six weeks stay, but I am amped to make some new friends!

I am sorry for being so absent in your comment box. Yes u reading this.

P.S. Welcome to the new followers! (Daemon, Seraphim, Robert) Yay!!!! Thanx so much!!!!