Sunday, January 31, 2010

Post a la random

This will be a short post cause I'm tired.

So official my 9 week vacation has ended. I will be getting up tomorrow to start the hardest work of my life yet. Well oke not entirely true. This week will be orientation like always. But from next Monday it is full steam, until the end of November.

At least I had an amazing day end it all.

Got up early this morning. Went..SHOPPING!!! Got two new pairs of shoes, some socks to go with it, a new shirt and some sexy undies...GRRRR!!!!!!!!!! FUCK I LOVE SEXY UNDIES!

Nway then I went with the family. We were hungry so went to this nice seaside restaurant and I had the best fish that I have EVER tasted. It basically melted in my mouth. It was the sex!

After that we went for a drive along the coast and then eventually headed home. As we turned into the driveway one of my friends called me up and asked if I wanna join for sun downers at the beach . No brainer! So I went and it was fucking rad. Met some German peeps visiting and so on and they are really nice. So tomorrow after class I am taking them out.

Two random things happened tonight. I had my sunglasses on well after the sunset cause I forgot my prescription glasses at home. So eventually I had to take them off. And when I did some girl just freaked out and said it is the most beautiful eyes she has ever seen. She wouldn't believe me that I didn't wear colour contacts. Now this always surprise me cause about a dozen peole has had this reaction. It is just ironic that my Glaucoma riddled eyes seem to be my best asset.

More weirder, I received a letter by speed post from a modeling agency for the SA 2010 Model Ramp Awards. I was like OMGW WTF!!! I have firstly never modelled and secondly as much as I would love to model I am simply NOT good looking enough to be a model.

But yeah fuck it I love myself anyways lolz!

Nway peace and love and I hope I have the stamina to keep posting in the times ahead...


Saturday, January 30, 2010

I got wet!

Bleh, not in a good way!

So I was at the club chatting away with my friends when the guys to the table next to us took some what i hope was water/alcohol and splashed it in my fucking pretty face lolz. So I just kinda ignored it, cause I really am able to stay calm in situations like these. Other people's stupidity rarely piss me off enough for it to warrant a reaction from me. Anyhow, so I reengaged in the conversation just to be splattered a second time. Which I just ignored again. Surprised was I not when he did it a third time. So this time I just looked him in his eyes and calmly said "mission accomplished". And the again I just reengaged in conversation.

He didn't bother me again.

I really think this guy was really stupid and childish. I mean wtf! Grow up! He was such a dick anyways he used the FUCKING AWFUL word "kaffir" numerous time in his conversations. For those of u that doesn't know what it means, it is a very degrading term used back during Apartheid to insult black people. It is much like the word "nigger". That I think was one of the reason that I didn't get mad, cause he was such a pathetic individual who does not deserve to be taken seriously enough to pay any sort of attention to.

So why then did he do it to me? Well, frankly, I am fem. I mean, I am not flamboyant gay. But I am a fem bi guy and if u are not living in ignorance it is really easy to spot this. So apparently he thought a good splash in the face would get me "fucking some bitches" with him or something.

Bleh! To whoever u are. Thank you for making me aware that I am proud of who I am. Thank you for making me see that I am a great person.

I hope that one day u will be able to say the same for urself.

L for love lolz

Peace and love,


Friday, January 29, 2010

One giant victory for me' liver!


No predrinks! My face crumbles "like a bridge into a river"! Lolz!

So ya, spend a hour or so getting my home nice and clean and all atmospheric, with lights and candles and music and what not and now it was just cancelled, cause everyone is running late. It is no big deal, it's just I hate the let go of a mood I was getting into for a few hours lolz. Weirdo?! So now that I have this extra hour I thought I could make another quick post before I go out.

Nway I was observing all the subcultures in SA. Especially the non-hetro's. And out of all it was evidently clear to me that gay guys to have it the best. I wonder why this is. I don't know if this is a international phenomenon or not or if it is just here in SA. At least in the part of SA where I live.

I wonder why this is. I mean for a bi guy I also reap some of the benefits of this "finding". I was thinking, and humour me here, maybe straight girls' apparent liking in gay guys has much to do with this. It is almost as if they are the gateway drug for gay guys into the illusive world of heterosexuals. Lolz! Am I tripping here?

It is also very clear to me that there is a definite tendency for lesbians to be much more underground then gay guys. It is no strange sight to see two guys as a couple. but it is not very frequently that one spots a lesbian couple.

What makes it the more interesting is that there seems to be a definite separation between the world of lesbians and gays here. Of course at rallies and so it will not be like this, but for most part it seems that the lifestyles do not intertwine that much

I am betting that this is maybe very obvious to most of u reading this and u are going "Wft how do u think this is news to us?". Well, honestly, remember I am new to this and I am not an active player in the "gay community".

Or is this not like this where ya'll live?

Nway this was just a random thought that popped into my little head.

Love and peace,


P.S. I made a post earlier today so be sure not to look it over!

Agenda: Stuff

Yo guys!

The results are in and the winner of American Id....bleh give it a few more months! Btw, one kewlest thing about living in SA is being able to watch MNET. It is a channel on cable or whatever. I believe if there was a international competition for the best channel in the world, it would be a strong contender to win! It has nearly all the best shows in the world. It has 8 of the 10 recent best show nominations of the Golden Globes airing at the moment. And then also all the other fan favourites and other brilliant shows. Not to mention airing film premiers in the same year of release. I really think it is AMAZING. Something I find to be VERY interesting is that that our Sunday Evening premier slot went to....American Idol. It used to show during the week on another smaller channel AND we were way behind, but now we are only one week behind basically. This is arguably one of the most sought after time slots on our viewing calendar. kinda reflects a lot about the current influence of USA in the South African culture.

The poll results are in! Thank you to the people that voted!

The question was: Ur only truly bi if u have had sexual encounters with both sexes?

The results are as follows:

Hell Yeah!!!
3 (17%)

Not at all!!
9 (52%)

Still deciding
1 (5%)

Don't believe in bi
4 (23%)

This was very interesting to me. I thought that the majourity of the vote would go to "Hell Yeah". But half of the people that voted, thought as me, that bisexuality is a (emotional) state of being, and does not need a chance sexual encounter to solidify this.

What is find quite saddening is that 23% voted "Don't believe in bi"...
I am quite a silly little boy and I would like to paste something to my own embarrassment. I always though homosexual people are all this one big group of open minded people. But, yeah that was when I was way younger. I mean I thought if someone had to go through a struggle to prove their "normality" that they would become aware that people differ and so forth. Catch my drift. Nway, I find it frustrating to not be accepted by either hetro or homo communities.

To the four people who voted that option: I do respect ur right of opinion. I just wish I could understand ur train of though. What makes u think that bisexuality is not real. Do u believe in pansexuality, ambisexuality, asexuality and so forth?
Actually everyone is welcome to comment on the last question.

I am here. I am real.

Nway on a other note! I am seeing a friend today for the first time in over two months, so quite excited bout that! A group of us is going out to a club to just get into a kewl vibe! I don't feel like drinking much tonight so that is good news for my liver! Haha!

Hope u all have a great day!

Peace, lover and liver

Seacrest out!


Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Questionnaire

The sun shone through my window today and whispered to me: "Hey, Kiddo, ur alive!!!"

And on that bright note I got up and started my day!

As u can see I feel a lot better today. Had a good rest and I am looking forward to some sushi today. Yummy! Even better then some nice legs...

I am always tempted to fill out other questionnaires, but I am always to lazy to do so. Bleh! But, I think the time has come. And I think I shall make my own one and then u guys are welcome to do it as well! (Actually, I'm on my knees... begging u ;-P) I will keep it short. Ten questions or so. Also be sure to check in later today when I shall reveal the poll results! PAM PAM PAM! (Fail)

BTW I'm planning on asking really random questions that will require some thought and maybe a strong stomach. U are thus warned!

So, here goes:

1. Would u tell someone if they had bad breath?

Not directly. What I normally do is I would offer them some of my tic tacs on a regular basis and maybe comment in the open that out of a lot of things that put me off, bad breath is one of the worst. I mean one has to try and be tactful, cause some people have medical conditions and can't always help it.

2. Would u tell the police if ur best friend did something really bad?

Prolly not. I think the only time I would report it would be if someone got seriously injured or killed.

3. Would u break up with ur partner if u found out ten years into the relationship u are long lost brother/sister?

Hell no! I mean by this time we already did the nasty a million of times so what is the use? What worse can happen?

4. Would u clean ur best friend's vomit?

Yeah, and I have.

5. Would u marry for money?

Mmmm, if I don't find someone I really love by the age of 45, only then, MAYBE yes... Bleh, therw would have to be some sort of attraction at least.

6. Have/will u rewrap gifts u didn't like and give it 2 someone else?

I have done it in the past. But, I mean if I get a salary one day I won't do it. I have a budget u know? And what use to I have for 20 boxes of chocolate? I don't even really like chocolate!

7. Would u break up with someone if they have an incurable STD? (one that u didn't give to them lolz)

This is difficult. Honestly, we would have to be very much in love nah I would have to love that person to death for it not to affect my feelings. I don't know, I have never encountered it before.

8. Have u ever "stalked" someone silently on Facebook?


9. Do u treat good looking people better?

Duh?! Everyone does (I think?!). It is just how the evil world works. I mean initially if u find someone attractive u would slightly favour them over a person u find unattractive.


10. Would u bum ur dad to save ur mom's life? (Thnx Jimmy Carr!)

I love my mommy...


I pasted the questions in the comments section so feel free to copy it from there!

Peace, love and guts


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ups and Downs

Those of u that have followed me from the start would know that I am a very happy person. I enjoy life in general. And I enjoy MY life. I am very much in tune with myself and I also have an amazing support system of family and friends.

I really get a kick out of seeing the beautiful details in everything and appreciate everything around me. Sometimes it even makes me cry. Some people think I am living in a bubble. Sometime when down I think the same.

But ya know...fuck it. I am who I am and this is me.

If u are wondering what prompted this...well, I was involved in an incident yesterday where someone could have gotten hurt. Maybe even killed.

And maybe I have to carry part of the blame for it.

I dunno, it is all a blur now. I was so scared and freaked out. I had to go to the police station and get a case number and everything.

I don't really think it would be smart to divulge any details cause of the legal complications.

Point is I think I am in shock and maybe even a bit depressed today. I can't believe it happened. I didn't really get any sleep and I am feeling quite drained of energy.

I just really hope the person will be okay, and that I will get over it as well.

Some people I spoke to say I am being dramatic and bleh maybe I am, but I understand how precious life is and I do not want to be resposible for ending it.

Peace, love and tears,


P.S. This is the last day u get to vote on the poll

Monday, January 25, 2010

The End

This is it. Drum roll!!! The conclusion of the 100 random facts. As promised this will be about me fwiends!

Lol, wait this actually ended up mostly about me again...vain bastard. Bleh, at least I tried?

76. All my friends are pretty arty
77. I think 70% of my good friends are girls
78. I have a tendency to have crushes on my friends
79. My oldest friendship is 12 years and going strong
80. I am very popular with my friends' mothers
81. I don't really have superficial friendships
82. Hence, I know everything about everyone
83. We were very social creatures and not unpopular at school despite making up more then half of the top ten academics in my year group. We made turns as the top student of each turn lol
84. I have a tendency to have good-looking friends. This I noticed just now as I am making this post
85. Most of my friends don't eat tomatoes WTF!?
86. Ahhh one new years we missed 12 o'clock by 5min lolz so we celebrated new years with every time zone that followed for 6 hours >>> LEGEND
87. I sometimes take in "social outcasts" and make them my mini project. They usually end up too cool for me and dumps my friendship. Bleh, i did my good deed.
88. We are very liberal and people often think we are immoral, but time and time again we prove this wrong. We have high standards
89. I have a lot of bi/gay friends come to think of it
90. If we start a political party and get elected we will most likely end doing a very good job
91. In fact no matter what we do we will be very successful
92. I like to think I play/played an important part in my friends' lives
94. Wow i really do have a lot friends that are very close to me. I mean like somewhere in the area of ten best friends. Some people only have one. Or none. I thank whatever Gods may be...
95. We speak about everything in the open. Especially me. Some people see this a being crude. I think if u do not u are just freakin pretenscious. (yes there is a sense of occasion also)
96. 85% of us kept contact after school I think this is very kewl!
97. Sarcasm and irony is our main language
98. Most of us actually read Harry Potter and don't just watch the movies
99. Red balloons lolz
100. We LOVE music and sushi

That's a wrap!

Love and peace,


Sunday, January 24, 2010

25 Down

I think it is time for me to start wrapping up on my 100 random facts posts. But geez I really am not that random it seams. I feel very vain doing this all about myself and so I thought I would give some info on my family...

51. My grandma is a psychopath really lol
52. My grandfather has been smoking for 61 years!!!
53. My mom and dad fight a lot, but wait there is more:
54. My mom and dad is so in love I can puke - holding hands, kissing: BLEH!
55. Two of my cousins stay with us. Basically siblings so to say.
56. My brother and I struggle to get along
57. My parents married when my mom was 19. She and my dad got together when she was 13 and he was 16. They are now 44 and 47. OMG!!!! LOL!!!!
58. My dad is mr fix-it. He is so practical!
59. My dad was a jock at school lol GO DAD >>> NOT!
60. Shame my parents do everything to support their children
61. Apparently I look like my mom's side of the family, but has my dad's eyes
62. We eat as a family at a table most days of the week
63. Our extended family gets together every Wednesday for a braai
64. My family was good to people of other races during Apartheid >>> PROUD!!!
65. My dad has had two heart attacks and heart surgery before
66. Both my brother and dad has Glaucoma, but no side-effects
67. Mommy is self-employed and earns a tad more then daddy >>> EPIC!!! U GO GIRL!!!
68. When younger, a car fell on my dad's face while he was working under it
69. My family can drink well loads. It is just crazy every Wednesday lolz
70. One lady in my extended family was killed in a farm attack last year
71. The oldest person in my extended family is almost 77 years old
72. The youngest person in my extended family is 4 months old
73. Everyone in my family is very strong willed and has a strong personality. It is like a war zone when we fight. Lolz how dysfunctional, yet charming
74. We eat a lot of chicken - Lol I love chicken!
75. We always have music playing EVERYWHERE!!!

Think my next one will be of my friends!

Love and peace


Friday, January 22, 2010

Why I do things the way I do

So bloggers!

Since last I posted a lot has happened.

{You may find this post to be boring and vain}

Firstly, my pc's power supply screwed up, so that explains my lack of posting. But, not to fear, I had it checked out and all is working 100% now.

Also, my middle finger on my right hand is a few milimtres shorter. Thanks to the razor blade of my shaver and my stupidity. Don't even ask!

I had an amazing two days of binge drinking at a festival. I was suppose to stay until Sunday, but I just had enough of alcohol. But it was good times and I had a blast with my friends.

I am in such a weird mood tonight. I am just chilling in my room, drinking some wine, burning incence and listening to Edith Piaf.

I though I could share with u something that I found to be very interesting. I had in the past taken personality indicator tests before I went to university. I unfortunatly lost the results. So I decided to redo it online. I did the Myers Briggs test and my results are as follow:

Out of the possible 16 outcomes I was placed in the personality code category:


E = Extroversion (Opposed to Introversion)
N = Intuition (Opposed to Sensing)
F = Feeling (Opposed to Thinking)
p = Perceiving (Opposed to Judging)

Also known as CLARIFIER

Warmly enthusiastic, high-spirited, ingenious, imaginative. Able to do almost anything that interests them. Quick with a solution to any difficulty and ready to help anyone with a problem. Often rely on their ability to improvise instead of preparing in advance. Can usually find compelling reasons for whatever they want. Gifted observers and enterprisers. Charming and likable. Not interested in routine living patterns.

The Idealist's core needs are for the meaning and significance that come from having a sense of purpose and working toward some greater good. Idealists need to have a sense of unique identity. They value unity, self-actualization, and authenticity. Idealists prefer cooperative interactions with a focus on ethics and morality. Idealists tend to be gifted at unifying diverse peoples and helping individuals realize their potential. They build bridges between people through empathy and clarification of deeper issues.

I then researched it further and found that I am a Idealist Clarifier.
I then fall under the subcategory Discoverer Advocate

Inspiring and facilitating others. Exploring perceptions. Talent for seeing what’s not being said and voicing unspoken meanings. Seek to have ideal relationships. Recognize happiness. Living out stories. Want to authentically live with themselves. Respond to insights in the creative process. Finding the magical situation. Restless hunger for discovering their direction.

So, now you know.

I just read Lunario's post he made after his hiatus. It got me thinking about blogworld. I posted the following question to him. Something to think about:

Would one rather have fake friends in a real world or real friends in a fake world?

Peace, and love!


Sunday, January 17, 2010

More of me

So, the second installment of "me":


26. I am a huge procrastinator
27. I have a mild case of Internet addiction
28. I wish I could speak more languages then I do
29. I never have enough hangers in my closet
30. I usually skip breakfast - yeah I know it is really stupid
31. I drive a really nice car, which I don't deserve
32. I love olives and cheese
33. I'm not a big pizza fan
34. I hate film remakes
35. I love having a many versions/covers of a song possible - especially Somewhere over the rainbow and Amazing Grace
36. I agree with Simon 90% of the time
37. Apparently I always make awkward silences worse?
38. I have no sense of direction
39. I cannot draw very well - bummer I love to draw
40. I was once resuscitated after 5min of like "darkness"
41. I was actually really dropped on my head as a baby
42. I have been operated on 22 times in my life
43. Strangers always come to me and ask for a lighter. I don't smoke as a rule.
44. Someone once asked my mom if I was blind? I was in the same room as them. (lolz)
45. I am terribly impractical
46. I can justify almost everything I do
47. I shave my armpits and will do the same with my chest when I ever grow chest hair. THANK GOD I don't. Weird for a almost 20-year-old dude I think. Bleh, I'm not complaining.
48. I love to drink milk before I go to bed. 2% ONLY
49. I have never watched an episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition without crying
50. I sometimes crave peanut butter

Peace and love,


Saturday, January 16, 2010


This is me. Please, do not fuck with me.

I am in a very peculiar mood. Have u ever felt as if u know exactly who u are? Tonight I can carry the world upon my shoulders...

I know why I am here.

I am here to help people. Not only poor people with love and money. I have the need to satisfy my thurst in arts.

I want to promote art in my country. Especially in my own culture.
If u have following me 4 me for a while, u will knoe that this is a majour step for me.

It feels more then right, it feels like my destiny.

That I have chosen.

I am happy...
I am.

I do not wish to leave SA. I want to make people proud of their heritage.
Something I never had. I want them to know.

And I wil fight for LGBT. Eventhough we have all the rights. It is not enough.

I cannot promise any dates. But in this writing I do commit.

This is it.

Peace and love.

Believe me...


Friday, January 15, 2010



It has been decided by me, myself and I that I shall post 100 random facts bout myself 4 ur entertainment! How kewl right? I know, thank me later! This shall be done in 4 installments of 25. (Gawh, sounds so formal, right?!)

Here's ya first taste:

1. I sometimes wear a ring on my ring finger.
2. I don't own a hoodie - SHOCKER!
3. I have Glaucoma
4. I loose flash disks and lip ice by the droves
5. I did exceptionally well in grade 12 - despite beiNg absent for over 40 days
6. I'm out to about 25 people and have not had one bad reaction - WHAT?!
7. I own a lava lamp ahahah - GAY
8. I'm a chick magnet. What a waste lol! (Wait..I'm bi >_< )
9. I change clothes three times a day normally
10. I have an intense passion for traveling - O wait I can't afford it
11. I watch all sport world cups and beauty pageants
12. I have seen Celine Dion live in concert...twice HAHA
13. I am in love with wine
13. MUSIC = LIFE (very very WIDE music taste)
14. My fav comedy is Knocked up.
15. Confession: I am in love with Joe Jonas... *blushes*
16. I'm allergic to almost ALL animals
17. I don't like 'gasp' chocolate. (Well oke dark chocolate is good.)
18. Apparently I always smell nice.
19. I wear a watch that doesn't work - FASHION ACCESSORY!!!!
20. Team Conan!!!
21. Meryl Streep was hot in the Devil Wears Prada
22. I like older women and younger boys (legal)
23. My fav season is Winter
24. I like walking bare foot and reading, bur never really do it
25. I always type "liek" in stead of "like' - IDIOT TYPO

Peace and love,



Thursday, January 14, 2010

Time to vote!!!

Yay, don't u just love it when it gets interactive?!

Yeah, I know u do!

So drag ur ass over to the pole and vote biatch!

Peace and love,


Feeling the heat!!!!

So I just couldn't muster the power to make a post yesterday - it was 46 degrees Celsius (115 degrees Fahrenheit). Did i hear someone say parched?

Before I start I would just like to inform u that Sam from Confused yet Honest changed his blog URL to Be sure to check him out!

I still have not seen Avatar 3D. This is severely depressing for me. I have tried in vain to book 10 times, yet it is sold out EVERY FUCKING TIME!!! WFT!!! People in SA don't go to cinema. This is unheard of. Unprecedented. James Cameron is the god of cinema. I mean the two highest grossing films of all time? (See sure I get the inflation thing, but still.)

I am sure a lot of u guys have watched it. Please tell me what you thought of it.

And in other news. I am in the process of shopping for a Mac. I kinda need it and i kinda want it. I am so fed up with Microsoft and all the bullshit. I run AVG full and Spybot Search & Destroy,, plus I have an extra firewall up. This severely limits my computing experience and quite frankly cramps my lifestyle. The only thing is, I'm not quite informed bout macs. I am looking at this one.

iMac 21.5-inch 3.06GH NEW
R13999 ($1885)
3.06GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
1920 x 1080 resolution
4GB memory
500GB hard drive
8x double-layer SuperDrive
NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics

The following in included:

What's included:
Apple Wireless Keyboard
Magic Mouse
Cleaning cloth
Power cord
Install/restore DVDs
Printed and electronic documentation
Mac OS X Snow Leopard
iLife (included software

Ok, so I'm counting on u guys to give me a crit....especially on the price 2. I don't really need portability since I already have a good laptop (and desktop pc).

Geez ahah I am so spoiled. Who has three computers....only in Africa....NOT!

Peace and love,


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Forever in the Pink City

I have been waiting some time to make this post. I am very very exited to share this with all of u since it is something that has to do with all of my readers. This will make for good reading, i promise:

South Africa's post-apartheid constitution was the first in the world to outlaw discrimination based on sexual orientation, and on 1 December 2006 South Africa made history by becoming the fifth country in the world and first in Africa to legalise same-sex marriage. One year later an equal age of consent was achieved; after long and lengthy debate and a complete overhaul of sexual offences legislation, consent was gender-neutralized at 16. Same sex couples can also adopt children as of 2002 and even more, it is allowed to make use of artificial insemination if the couple so chooses.

So even though Apartheid was one of the darkest era's, in our country and the world, some good did come of it. Don't get me wrong. What happened in the past was filled with dispare. But this is the future that was made possible in every way, because of it. So I want to thank every person that fought in the struggle for their freedom. Not only did u achieve this, but u also saved a faceless white boy that u had no idea existed....AMANDLA!!!!!

I am adding this paragraph after the first publishing of this post. In reflection of a conversation i had with a fellow blogger who did not entirely react as I anticipated after reading this post. Do u guys see what I was trying to make u see? I know there are a lot of u that have to hide who u are. That have to live in fear. I mean just check what is happening in Uganda. (And no it cannot be written of as "only a third world country", cause I live in Africa and I have more rights then any person in any country in the world. For those of u that long to marry, have children, just to be acknowledged: THERE IS HOPE! That was the messege that I was trying to convey. Hope. For you reading this. Hope.

If this interests u, I am going to paste two links elaborating on this topic:



To tweet or not to tweet?!


So I have decided to make a twitter account. I really am not into the whole twitter movement. But, I always feel that one should try to keep up with the pop culture. Even if u do not partake in it, I think it is always a good idea just to be aware of it.

So if u want to follow me. Please do so. (I'll link it with the blog.)I'm giving this a trail period of two - three weeks or so. Bleh...

On a brighter note. I have a new follower. Yay! And I have reached a 1000 hits on my blog. So how kewl is that?! Hahah *amped*!

Nway, I'll make a decent post later on.

Peace and twitter,


P.S Username on Twitter: JoshuaDreamer

Tears are streaming down my face...cause atleast it doesn't use cap!

I wanted to do a post. Had this really great idea for one. And then as I started to type I drew a complete blank lol!

But nevertheless I still have something interesting to share with u.
As I have mentioned to a few of my online friends to their utter dismay:

MY INTERNET IS CAPPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Now most of u are so spoiled u would prolly not even know what that means. To put it straight: We pay for a certain amount of data cap a month. I get bout max 3 gigs A MONTH and this is kinda expensive. Bout R500. (+/- $50)

So what does it really mean:

YouTube is a luxury.
(Any streaming for that matter - yes I know....I KNOW!!!!)

This sux so bad u have no idea! Just try to imagine it for one second. If I download the latest itunes (on a standard motnh), 1/20th of my monthly cap is used up. Hahah! I have roughly about 65mb cap per day for BOTH uploads and downloads.

Okay so it could be worse right?
No Internet?

O, yeah one more thing: the upload speed is about 400kbsp - *blushes*

There is no place like home, there's no place like home!
(And in my head I start humming: "In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight...)


Peace, love and happy surfing


Monday, January 11, 2010

Sunday, January 10, 2010

U gotta be kidding right? NOT!!!

So, my dear internationally acclaimed readers...

Today, I thought, I shall school thou in the important role ordinary South African citizens played in all our silly little lives. I hear some skeptics say "What role"?! and to that I shall answer: "Inventions my dear Watson!" Yes, in between hunting for our daily food and combing our pet lions, we do make some time to sit and reflect in our huts and think of ways to better the world. Here follows a list of our finest accomplishments (thus far):

Action Potential Stimulation Device (APSD) for arthritis relief
Aloe vera products
Appletiser and Grapetiser
Barlow-Wadley broadband radio
Bell articulated trucks
Buchu appetite depressant
CAT scan, which uses x rays, radiation detectors and computers to produce images of planes through the body
Colindictor, the first device to record a telephone message
Computicket online booking system
Cybertracker, a handheld computer originally developed to help Khoisan trackers store data
Dart and Flamingo sports cars
Disa push-button telephone
Exhaust system, Vibol fuel-saving
Fire, first use of: recorded at Swartkrans cave from some 1.5 million years ago
Fourcade's spectroscope for three-dimensional mapping
Freeplay wind-up radios, torches and cell phone chargers
Heart transplant surgery performed by dr. Chris Barnard
Hippo drum water roller and the similar water-carrying Q-drum
Jetmaster fireplaces
Kreepy Krauly, Barracuda and Poolcop pool-cleaning systems
Murray 'Tour de Force' competition bicycle cranks
Nguni and Bonsmara cattle
Oil-from-coal refinery
'Playpump' water pump, powered by children on a roundabout
Plethysmograph for measuring rate of blood flow
Policansky fishing reels
Pratley putty
Radar, pioneering innovations
Radio, Wadley Loop Receiver
Rooibos tea and other products
Rooivalk helicopter and pilot's helmet
Scheffel bogie
SharkPod shark-repellant device
Shuttle low wattage transformers
Smartlock safety syringe
Smocking pleater for the garment industry
Speedgun for measuring the speed of a cricket ball
SUNSAT telecommunications satellite
Tellurometer (infrared)
Tellurometer (microwave)
Turboheat solar water heating spiral
Van der Bijl's pioneering vacuum tube for transcontinental radio broadcasts

Who would have guessed? (I am a bit surprised by a few entries myself >_<)
What is the most surprising to u?

Peace and love, peace and love!


Friday, January 8, 2010

"and...World Peace"

So I was thinking bout something that just happened...

My dad just had an outburst bout some little thing. He asked me to do something for him. My honest intention was to help him out. My reply sentence started of with "No,........". I didn't type the rest of the sentence, since it apparently doesn't matter. In his stupidity he just heard the first word - "no" and this set him off.

He was cursing and swearing and telling me off and telling me that I should go clean my room and blablabla.


U know what...I'm quite a sucker, but sometimes I do feel sorry for him. He was recruited to the army when he was my age. It was mandatory at the time. He killed people. He "had to kill people". I hate that frame of mind. I think it was Einstein that said "killing under the cloak of war is still murder". I totally agree with this...

I mean how can it be "self-defense" if one GOES INTO ANOTHER COUNTRY with the INTENTION OF KILLING? I have never understood the concept of war. It is barbaric.
I am not ignorant to the fact that one has to stand up for what u believe in. There are other ways. I wish all guns, bombs etc. would disappear into oblivion.

Why? Why has it turned into this. Fine he was "fighting for his country". U know what? When I asked him about the war a few years back he didn't know what they fought for. No one in my country knows. I'm not speaking bout the political cover up. I'm speaking bout the real reason.

His best friend died in his arms... So i get it. I do. He is screwed up. I would be too. I would. But somehow I can't get myself to completely feel sorry for him. I mean it was his choice to go to war. I would have rather gone to prison. (Which was the other option u had if u didn't want to go to war.) I know I'll prolly get a lot of criticism from SOME of the American readers. Meh, I don't care. (Also, sorry if this stereotypically charged comments offends anyone.)

I would rather have spent two years behind metal bars then struggle my entire life caged between the bars of my mind.

As always my dear readers:




Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Heat stroke cuties


What a frikken day I had working on set. It was about 42degrees Celsius (108degrees Fahrenheit)!!! We started at about 7AM and called it a day at 8PM!!! Guys, I constantly had to tell myself not to die. Mostly because of the heat and secondly of the cuties giving me a heart attack!!! Haha ;-p

I had to shovel ground, help with set construction, carry things, put up tents, make food, take care of craft table, basically do all the dirty work (literally and figuratively). BUT, I really don't mind. I just appreciate the guys for letting me help out. We all need to start somewhere...

Worst of all there was NO SHADE OR BATHROOMS!!! At one point I started to get a headache, very nauseous, my legs went numbed and I kinda started to get dizzy on top of it. So what did I do? I took the drinking water and just poured it over my entire body. I had to, I would have died. Lol! I feel bad tho, since the water was limited.
But what is a man to do in a situation like this?!

Spoke to many of the crew and so forth and yeah they are really nice and supportive - giving a lot of advice and so forth. So that helps a lot. I mean they don't have to. So thanx people, U ROCK!!!!

Gonna go to a club tonight with loads of friends. What is the occasion u ask? Well, urm does one need a special occasion? Hehe!

On another note, thanx to MeMyselfndmyhand for the mention in ur blog. Ur 2 kewl!! Thanx to my newest follower and the other guys for linking to me as well!!!

As always,

Peace and love,


Monday, January 4, 2010

Short and sweet

So, me again hehe

Tonight my beloved dad watched a tv dating show. Now tonight had a bit of a twist. It was guys on the show. He called my cousin and said "hey come look it's faggots"

Crash and burn. Every time I am near coming out something like this happens.

But I keep thinking, maybe this is said out of ignorance. I mean our parents (especially in my country) grew up with very screwed ideas of homosexuals. I bet they don't even know what bisexuality is...yay for me!!!

Maybe if u just stand by what I believe and come out all will get better. I can't actually believe that I am the one stressing bout coming out and being "bad". I am not the wrong one here in this situation. He is - for being such a damn bigot.

Guys, let's make this our year. We must try to come out in droves HAHA!
i'm a bit amped after watching Milk...

Strength in numbers.

Peace and love,


Zac to the rescue!

Yo guys!

This post will be more down to the point after that long rant that I posted earlier. Basically I have a few questions for u bloggers and visitors.

But yeah that is kinda were one of the problems is coming in lol!

I have 6 followers - which is great! Thanx for taking time to read my bloggy!!!
But how on earth does one get more? I've had this blog for two weeks and am only at 100 hits.

Yeah, so I know blogging is for oneself and all, but I mean it would motivate me to invest more, which would be good for me. At least as I see it.

I link to quite a few people and do really enjoy reading blogs. So if u happen to stumble upon my blog and want me to link u I will do so. Plz just ask.

Also, I've decided to start leaving more comments and be more open about who I follow.

And if this fails I decided I'm just gonna paste a pic of Zac Efron!!!! Hahah

O, one of my fav blogs as I said is The Thoughts Of A gay Boy in High School. So Tyler made this really inspiring list of amazing things that are gonna happen to him this year. So i decided to make my own.

1. Start working on many sets - films, music video's etc.
2. Come out to more people
3. Come out to the parents - eeck!
4. Buy a Mac - so fed up with my pc
5. Start/take part in a charity
6. Start working out more! I am getting a workout program!
7. Record a few songs for fun
8. Become more spiritual/aware of my conscious being - I have this kewl new friend who reads cards. This is quite fasinating to me. Bleh, I donno, but I'm defo gonna check it out.
9. Pardy hardy with my buddies!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, this is what I could think of at thr mo'

Peace and love,


Saturday, January 2, 2010

My life in blog

So many ways to go. So many things to think about.
This will prolly end up as a long post.

P.S. This did end up being a very long post!!!!

So, my brother and his inevitable fiance is leaving SA tomorrow to go work abroad. They will be gone for 4 months or even 11 months. I don't know what to make of this. Me and my brother never did have a very strong relationship. In fact, he was criticizing my mother for buying fortune cookies when we ate Chinese the other day. "Do not meddle with this stuff." I mean, ffs, it's a cookie. THAT is how conservative and closed minded he is. He will probably be one of the very few people in my immediate social network that will reject me WHEN I come out to him.

BTW, I'm out to 20 people. Not one bad reaction. I think I am very fortunate thus far... So full steam ahead!

What kinda bothered me is that my mother said she saw my brother wiping away tears. OMG! How weird. My brother is a very manly man. I feel bad. I feel bad for him. But I fell more ashamed of myself... Even though he is a bigot, he is still my brother. I do not know why I find it so extremely hard to connect to my family and not to my friends. I am VERY VERY close with my friends, but even with my mother who is the kewlest person in the world I can hardy ever say I love you to her. But yeah I think I know why. It's because I'm not out to them. I am not honest. And therefore I withhold myself. What a fucking shame.

See my mom confuses me. One day I think she would be kewl if i come out. She would say stuff like "u only like that boy on American idol, cause he's got a baby face". Or i.e. one day she must have caught me staring at this boy that I'm in love with, cause she said "Ur gonna get hurt. He is not looking at u in the right way." I know right, how good does she know me?! But yeah, then other times she would be like no God doesn't really want it and all. This happens when I like watch Ellen. And I get crushed. Speaking bout mixed signals.

And then I think again. And this brings she to something she told me today. "I love my children way too much for my own good". Does she? Does she? Would she still feel that way if, not if, when I come out. One of my friends said that the fact that she loves me so much can count in my favour...or against me...bleh! I don't know.

I just wish I could connect myself to a lie detector and ask myself a lot of questions. Like why do I feel bad because I'm opposes to baptising a child. I'm attending one tomorrow. I mean give the child a chance to make her/his own yeah. I have my own take on religion/spirituality. I won't go into that now. I have to much left to say. Do I actually believe in a god...I think I do. I mean on my own terms. I much more spiritual. A poet once said. man cannot do without religion. Nor can he do with it as it is. This rings very true to me.

Nway, Next.

I'm a metrosexual, sensitive guy that is into arts. But I don't wanna come across as fem. I mean no offence but it's is just not for me. But maybe that is who I am and that is why I am scratching my head over this. Just because I also like boys, doesn't have to have me loose my masculinity in my sexuality. But yet..every time I see a guy I kinda find attractive, I find myself feeling more fem. Someone please do explain this to me. Maybe guy gays know bout this.

I wanna take time out to thank someone who played a very important part in my life. Joey from Bi in High School. We have not known each other for long, but u have done more good then u would ever know. If it were not for u I would not of started to blog. And from judging above I kinda need it. So thank you for saving me from myself.
I will miss ur blog and I will miss u. I will be awaiting ur return eagerly. Mwah!!!!

And in other news. Congrats Carwin on ur 200th post. I follow u very feverishly. U are a great guy! Keep it up!


Also a special mention to Tyler form "The thoughts of a boy in high school" U were the first blog I followed. I think u are great.

Still haven't seen avatar - sold out all 3 times I went. which is highly peculiar for my country.

All in all I think I have a new addiction. I am starting to see my life as a blog post. Is this a normal experience at first?

Love and peace,


Friday, January 1, 2010

WTF ?!?

First off HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

2010 2010 2010

So I had this pardy at my house as u guys would have read in a previous post. Bout 12 people ended up comng over. This is more then i expected seeing that most people I know left to go somewhere for the BIG PARDY!!!!

So. I drank a LOT! I was still drunk after I got up and it lasted to about 5PM!!! I'm such a bad boi. But, we all really did have a great time. Oh, I ended up kissing this girl I have had a liking in for like 2 years. I was swimming and she was coming out of the house. So I jumped out walked straight to her and told her "I am going to kiss you". Shame I was all wet, but I took her in my arms and just gave her a deep long kiss. Then we stopped after that resting our heads on each other and then I went in for round two. Apparently this time my parents walked in and saw this. Lol. They must feel so proud. Shame, if only they knew the whole truth lolz!

Nway so we spoke a while bout what happened so after talking a while I asked her out. She said yes. I also told her I'm bi. I actually told three people on the night. Whoot whoot! Feels great! So yeah omg a girlfriend, eh?

Not anymore. Lolz. And no it was not a sexy pool boy that came between us. When I woke up this morning I saw that I had a text. It was her. She broke it off. Lol! Fuck!!!! I called it our 2 minute noodles love affair!!! Hahaha!!!

i don't know what to make of it really...think I was kinda exited. Weird for me. I do not really do relationships. The 6 hours this lasted was my longest relationship in 4 years. I probably have some commitment issues. Bleh! Fuckit!

Now I can go boy hunting or something. So this will be fun.

P.S. the dreadful girl came over as well. I just treated her VERY nice so she wasn't a burden. Yay me!

Peace and love,